Thursday, February 13, 2020

I Loved Him in Die Hard

Read the passage below from

Young Bruce Willis: Wild Man
Bruce Willis was a wild man even in his high school years. Despite serving as student council president, he was expelled for three months for his role in a school cafeteria riot. And, at the height of the streaking craze, Willis was the only kid in town brazen enough to run naked - right down Main Street.

The author chose to put the bold-faced phrase into the story because the author:

a. does not like the student council.
b. feels like a student council president should know better.
c. feels it makes Bruce Willis's actions seem even wilder since he was student council president.
d. needed more information to make the story long enough.

Scroll down for the answer.

These types of questions are common on the EOC.  They require that you stop and think about what the author was trying to do.  This can be difficult at times.  In the case, the correct answer is c. because the author is trying to point out that this isn't just the class clown, this is the student council president.  To the author, this makes Bruce Willis's actions seem even wilder.


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