Thursday, February 20, 2020

It Also Made the Desk Sticky

Read the passage and determine the tone of the author:

It was so embarrassing. I spilled my drink in the class. To make matters worse, it spilled on my pants. Then my teacher stopped the whole class to wait while I cleaned it up. I hate it when everyone is staring at me.

Is the tone of the speaker:

a. annoyed 
b. apathetic 
c. humiliated 
d. paranoid

Scroll down for the answers


Apathetic is completely wrong since apathetic means not caring, and the speaker is clearly bothered by this incident.

Paranoid is wrong. While the speaker is concerned with others looking at him, he doesn't show the extreme worry that matches paranoid's connotation.

Annoyed is wrong since we do not get a strong sense of annoyance, at least not to out weigh the correct answer. You may have been tempted to put annoyed since you may have felt annoyed at your teacher in that case, but remember, the tone is about the speaker's/author's feelings, not yours (that is mood). This is a wrong answer, but it is the best wrong answer since tone and mood are similar in some aspects.

Humiliated is the correct answer since the speaker is very embarrassed.


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