Friday, March 20, 2020

Excuses, Excuses...

Read the following passage:

I could have been the star player on our team, but my old glove was too small and was my Achilles heel.  Once, I dropped the ball at first base and a kid ended up running all the way home and I dropped the ball while playing third base five times in one game.  The coach looked exasperated and my mom cried, but it's not my fault. 

What is the purpose of the allusion in the above passage?

a. for the narrator to compare himself to a Greek hero
b. to exaggerate his mother's reaction to prove his point
c. to reinforce that it is not his fault
d. to show irony about his playing ability

Scroll down for the answer.


c. is the correct answer - allusion means to make a reference to something else, in this case to Achilles, the Greek hero who could only be hurt on his heel.  Today we say that anything that is a weak point is our Achilles heel.