Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Know the Answer. Do you?

Read the following passage:

Who is smarter, males or females? Well if you go by the North Carolina English II EOC scores then the answer is clear. Year after year the scores pile up and more 4s are achieved by . . .

What is the purpose of the first sentence?

a. to set the mood of the passage
b. to set the tone of the passage
c. to give the setting
d. to interest the reader

Scroll down for the answer.

d. is the correct answer. The hope is that the competitive nature between males and females will lead you to want to read further, at least enough to find out who is actually smarter. Of course the answer is really obvious, don't you think.

These questions can be difficult since they are asking you WHY the author chose to do what he/she did.

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