Friday, March 6, 2020

Just Imagine the Count from Sesame Street When You Read This One.

Read the following passage:

In All Quiet on the Western Front, the company commander is counting how many men are left in the Second Company; "he ceases at thirty-two" men. And has a long pause before asking "anyone else?" 

What kind of tone is Remarque using in this?

a. happy

b. angry
c. confused

d. shocked

Scroll down for the answer


a) incorrect; because a lot of men died; that's not happy

b) incorrect; because you can't really be angry at dead people for not being there. But you could be angry at the people who killed them.
c) incorrect; because you know that people died; there's no reason to be confused
d) correct; because the commander was expecting a lot more. Many died in battle.

Thanks to Jacob and Nick from Mrs. Stamey's class for this question.  This one really had me stumped.  I thought he ceased at 32 because he couldn't count any higher.  You know, maybe he was a State grad or something.

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