Friday, April 3, 2020

I Bet You Won't Get This One Right

Read the following excerpt from “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov:

“The banker thought it strange that someone who had mastered six-hundred abstruse tomes in four years should spend nearly a year reading one slim, easily comprehensible volume.” 

(tomes- large, scholarly, or ponderous books)

Which word could replace abstruse in the passage?

A. Simple
B. Complicated
C. Crazy
D. Agonizing

Now that's a ponderous tome!

Scroll down for the answer.

Answer- B. Complicated, as it is being compared to something that is easy to read.

Thanks to Sydney and Alyssa.  You know what is abstruse to me?  Why anyone would cheer for Dook or State when they could cheer for Carolina.  Odd.  I'm sure that you too, though, are smarter than that.


  1. No one should cheer for Carolina. It's abominable.

  2. OK, so we had an off year... - but we played more ACC tournament games than Dook!