Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Auntie Em!

Read the following passage from www.wral.com:

Lee County estimates tornado damage at $57 million

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Lee County officials say damage to homes and businesses from the tornado earlier this month total at least $57 million.
Emergency Management Director Shane Seagroves presented the damage totals to county commissioners Monday.
Commissioner Jim Womack says the damage could "easily" exceed $100 million, counting damaged and destroyed vehicles and property in homes and businesses.
Two people died in the storm in Lee County.
Officials say at least 457 structures were damaged, including 99 homes and 17 businesses that were destroyed.

The tone of this passage is:

a. informational
b. jaded
c. sensationalistic
d. biased

Scroll down for the answer.

a. is correct.  The passage only seeks to inform the readers about the tornado damage.
b. is incorrect.  Jaded means that you are no longer moved by things that once got a reaction from you.
c. is incorrect.  WRAL is not trying to make the news story seem bigger than it is.
d. is incorrect.  There seems to be no slant in the story to make you take one side over another.


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