Monday, March 23, 2020

The Eyes Look More Red to Me....

Read the following from the book Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes:

Suddenly the console in front of her was wrenched away. It toppled over, thrown down like a toy. The power cords underneath her hands and feet were yanked away, and Charlie slipped, almost falling. She caught herself and looked up just in time to see the downward swing of a hook...

Charlie smiled wryly at the sign and kept driving. The world didn't look any different from one side of the sign to the other, but she felt a nervous anticipation as she passed it. She didn't recognize anything.  Then again, she hadn't really expected to, not this far at the edge of town where it was all highway and empty space.

What was the probable purpose of the first paragraph?
A.) Flashback
B.) Foreshadow
C.) Epiphany
D.) Anecdote

Scroll down for the answer:

The answer A seems plausible, but as the next chapter gives no clue that the hook bit has any bearing on current events, the better answer is B.  The state test likes to give these tricky questions.

The correct answer is B because this exact same scene happened at the end of the book. The author was wanting to give his story a taste of what was going to happen near the end. Will Charlie die? Will Charlie live? You will just have to read the book to find out!

Thanks to Chandler for coming up with this awesome question!  And Chandler, since you're a FNaF expert, you'll be able to answer this one, I'm sure - Why is there a fan in the office?

The answer is in the comments section!


  1. Why is there a fan in the office? To cheer you on, of course!

  2. I am Chandler, the person who created the question above, WatcherdogsXD2 is my name when I talk online. The reason why the fan is in the office is to resemble how hot the child gets when he is in the coma because if you played all the games, you will know that all the games is just in the crying childs mind, while he was in a coma, the crying child burned from heat, the fan represents how the child felt, his fear, his anxiousness, and his determination to how he didn't want to be near any of the animatronics, so the reason why the fan is in the office in the first game is to foreshadow how the child is or was feeling before his nightmares killed him.

    ... Sorry, i'm a "Five Nights at freddy's" nerd.