Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hero or Menace?

Read the following (slightly modified) excerpt taken from an article published by the NCHSAA:

Recently an assistant swimming coach was fired for pulling a student’s hair at the end of her swim because he felt she had deliberately disqualified herself - obviously an indefensible reaction. However, what was most surprising was the differences in the reaction of the parents of the kids on the team. One group of parents wants the coach to be prosecuted for assault while the other group applauded the coach’s behavior.

This split in opinion speaks volumes for the need for coaches to be able to effectively communicate with their parents and athletes about expectations and resolving differences.

The author of this article feels that the pulling of hair was:

a. justifiable
b. clearly wrong
c. O.K. if the parents are O.K. with it
d. unbiased either way

Scroll down for the answer.

Because of the comments, "obviously an indefensible reaction," and "the need for coaches to be able to effectively communicate . . . about . . . resolving differences," we know that the author does not agree with the hair pulling tactic.  The correct answer is b.


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