Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nothing Good Happens after 11:00 Anyway

Read the following passage:

I was late coming home and missed my curfew only by about 30 minutes or so.  My mother was so angry.  She had stayed up to wait for me to come home.  When I got in, she didn't ask if I was O.K. or if there was a wreck.  Instead she yelled, "I've told you a million times not to be late!"  I guess she was worried about me, but I still hate being yelled at.

What is the purpose of the hyperbole in the above statement?

a. to set the scene and introduce the characters
b. to make the point that the narrator should have known better
c. to contrast between the irritation of the narrator and the exasperation of the mother
d. to provide an ironic twist to the story

Scroll down for the answer.

A hyperbole is an exaggeration used to make a point.  In this case, it's the being told "a million times."  The mother really wouldn't have asked that a million times, but is exaggerating to show that she has expressed this rule enough for the narrator to know what was expected.  The answer is B.

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