Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What Did He Get a PhD in?

Read the following headline:

Latverian Dictator Massacres Three Peace Protesters 

Based only on this headline, which of the following words best expresses the tone of the news reporter:

a. supportive          b. vindictive         
c. apathetic            d. disapproving

Scroll down for the answer.

By the way, Latveria is the home country of Dr. Doom, but I am sure that you already knew that!



A, B, and C are incorrect.

D - disapproving - is correct.  Why?  You can tell by the choice of words.  Every word has a denotation - the actual dictionary definition.  Some words have a connotation, or an emotional feel for a word.  You can tell the tone sometimes by the connotation of the words chosen.  Here, the reporter chooses to use the term dictator instead of his actual govermental title.  The term dictator, while accurate, has a negative connotation.  The word massacre also has a negative connotation.  A lesser one may have been executed, but massacres sounds more evil.  Also choosing to include that it was during a peace protest also makes it seem more wrong.  All of these terms are accurate, but they show the reporter's viewpoint.  Here is the same headline slanted the other way:

Latverian President Executes Rebel Protesters


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